Old Faiths In New Light

by A Family Of Strangers

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released March 25, 2012



all rights reserved


A Family Of Strangers Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: New Era
I can see
I believe
this is all that's required of me
I don't need childish things
I don't know how to say this but
I think we might be headed for a breakdown

you can't tell me
you can't sell me
when all I see is divine
smaller space everyday
the god of the gaps fades away

1 more step until there's not one left to take
no more wasting time
1 more breath till I prevail or come undone
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 the time has come

calm down, relax, try this, you won't feel anything
and let the angels sing.
Track Name: Green
Convinced of purity
Protect my insecurities, in spite of consequence and cost.
Will of the gods you holy dogs
In danger of becoming
The local expert on love and loss

Send the rising darkness on it's way
Be better than you were yesterday

I'll fly as fast as I can from here and I'll be free
I'll deserve what I get, if after all of this,
I don't become all I can be

I do my best to try and contemplate but am unable
As this dying man sits, head in hands.
We all owe a death
I know this and accept that there are no exceptions
But sometimes this green mile is so long.

Celebrate the passing of each new day
'Cause soon they'll be here to take you away.
Track Name: Garnet Street
I stood in the yard of the house that was once my home
Shocked and surprised at the things that had changed since I'd gone
windows were smashed and the grass was too long
Doors left ajar, everything was all wrong
I looked for some familiar thing but there was none

These reflections,
Unhealthy obsessions with the past.
Unanswered questions
Time moves on so fast

I don't know 
but something I was once told
The more things change the more things stay the same
Now I walk with your ghost
Hand in hand through the smoke
The past is past, you can't go home again.

I went through a door
And I walked up the stairs
Saddened by Xmas decorations
Still up from last year
I explored that place
Holding back a tear

Silence the sound
And heartbreaking the sight
I sat down in my old room and started to write

Now I've tried recently to get to the stage where I might
Have the courage to say something real in the things that I write
So here goes, I know I have to say so long
The silver lining of this sad situation may be this song.

Now I know it's true, no matter what I do
The more things change, the more things change
So no more walking with ghosts
Smile as the smoke starts to clear
Leave the past to the past,
Track Name: Thank You
Recently I've seen some treacherous seas
This familiar road and it's familiar failures
I know too well where this leads.

Write it in a letter
Or at least have the decency to phone.
Don't let me make this same mistake again,
So far from home.

I don't know what this means
But I'm somewhere in between
Fuck you and I love you so just leave.

I didn't want this to be
such a cliché, it's so obscene.
But if I don't speak up it'll mess me up, just leave
Not tomorrow, not tonight, but today.

I'm slowly learning my lesson
My heart's not built of unbreakable stuff
Optimistic fool/idealist
Devotion and care should be enough

Don't pretend your sorry
You're just ashamed that you got caught
I don't need to sail this ocean anymore
Track Name: Soundtrack
Thought about what you said
I stayed up half the night
something occurred to me
fell into a dreamless sleep
you have no idea

you don't know about real loss
that only happens when
you love something more than you love yourself
I guess you never cared that much

So here we go again
together at the end
there's nothing left so take all you can take
is it too much to expect a hint of respect
it only took one small push for this to break

you're just a shit scared kid
that no one understands
oh you're a genius
terrified of what you'll say or talk about who you are

Once more into the breach
of ignorance and bliss
it's such an empty speech
I expected more than this
I was wrong I'll guess.

Oh please not this again
you cannot just pretend
the boat's afloat while feet are getting wet
the movie still plays on
with the actors dead and gone
nothing's more expensive than regret

Time and time again
you ask this of your friends
but never once believe you must return
I don't want to feel this way but I can't wait for the day
I sit back warm my hands and watch it burn