New Techniques For Beginners and Champions

by A Family Of Strangers

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Thomas Anderson
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Thomas Anderson Incredible find here! A Family of Strangers play rock with a longing and passion rarely seen. Track Here Without You is the song that Dashboard Confessional would have written if they had balls. Closing track is a fine farewell will a killer bass line opening into a tune that reminds of a heavier Counting Crows... Favorite track: Here Without You.
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This is the debut EP for A Family Of Strangers featuring Glenn Esmond (The Butterfly Effect) on lead vocals and guitar.


released November 14, 2010

All music and lyrics written by Glenn Esmond except 5. (Glenn Esmond and Clint Boge).
All songs published by Universal Music Publishing Australia Pty Ltd

Engineered and Mixed by Dean Belcastro.
Recorded at Alberts Studios, Neutral Bay Sydney.
Overdubs at My Home Studio, Teneriffe.
Mixed at Albert's and Dean's Home Studio, Sydney.
Mastered by Dave Neil at Modern Mastering.
Produced by Glenn and Dean.

Dean Belcastro: Drums, percussion, milk jugs and spoons.
Ant Aggs: Keys on 2, 3, 5 and 6
Aaron Croft: Right Lead Guitar on 6
Paul Burton: Left Lead Guitar on 6
Glenn Esmond: the rest.



all rights reserved


A Family Of Strangers Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Lovely (The House At Number 23)
This is not how I thought I'd be ending this year
You swore to me if I jumped then the net would appear
I guess it's "do as I say but you don't do what I do"

So close and yet so far away
I don't want to go but I can't stay

You promised me here forever
Whatever that means
Heart in hand, hang my hopes on what's left of that dream
If I walk away now it's the start of a hard,long way down

Breathing in
Breathing out
Shattered silence
shouts "Please don't leave without me!"

I need this to wind up
I can't make my mind up
What that says about me
who knows?
Track Name: Don't Forget (03.03.03)
I won't walk away this time
I'll always be there when you least expect it
Just believe and we'll be fine
Even though I know you feel neglected
I know I've let you down before
But I won't do that anymore
And though I'm gone
You're not alone

So if you think you've had enough
I'll be the one to hold you up
when it's too much
When all is said and all is done
I love, I love you, little one
It'll be alright, it'll be OK
Please don't forget that

Our way isn't made up of straight lines
You have to push harder when you meet that resistance
Although you think we won't be fine
Our love won't be defined by counting time and distance
And though I'm gone
You're not alone

So if you think you've had enough
I'll be the one to hold you up
when it's too much
When all is said and all is done
I love, I love you, little one
It'll be alright, it'll be OK
Please don't forget that
Track Name: Here Without You
Hey little one I hope that you're OK
I thought I'd write and say 'hello'
When you said "This is it, I can't take it, I'm leaving"
I really didn't think you'd go

So here I am and there you are
It's been too long and it's gone too far
and now there's nothing else that I can do

I'm just trying to forget you
So that I can be, so that I can be here without you
I'm just trying to forgive myself
So that I can be, so that I can be here without you

I didn't mean to put this all on you
I didn't mean to bring you down
But if I carry this with me too much longer
You might just get to see me drown

You did nothing wrong, it's my own dumb fault
But now it's in this song, and it's in the vault
I might finally throw away that key
Track Name: Silly Love Songs
I guess this means I'm falling in love again
I wanted to make sure you had that straight
So in spite of the fights and in spite of the times I've been freaking out
I know it's all going to work out great

Oh baby don't be concerned I can't make it without you
So delicate and divine, you're the one I keep running to
These silly love songs keep me hanging on
Till I get you in these arms again

You called me up and out, I explained again
'I'll be fine give me time you just have to wait'
My hesitation is gone now I've written this song
see I told you so!
I know it's all going to work out great
Track Name: The Velvet Divorce (Follow)
Here we go around again
same excuses so inane
We'll wait for you
We kept the peace and here we are
Oh so close but still so far
it's nothing new

It's the strangest feeling
To go round and round like this
It's such a small thing and yet it's all there is

Show me the way home
Where? I don't know
I hope you follow
Out of the shadows

It doesn't have to be this hard
you'll never win unless you start
I'm so over this
You've said your piece still here we are
closer now but still so far
It's miss, hit, miss

You say the sun is shining
but my patience is running cold
You say you're the real thing
But I'm bored and it's getting old
Track Name: Farewell, Mr Hooper
Walk with me into the darkness
Where the desperate and insecure roam
Where the questions just lead to more answers
and the signs all say 'no way home'
and these feelings bring blame and corruption
and the pain still sings songs in her eyes
and the things that you've got are defined by the cost
of the things that you lost in the rise

I find myself constantly pondering
obsessed with such minor things
I almost missed this
Confine myself with this constant wondering
obsessed with all my failings
I almost missed this

There's plenty of time for confessions
and there's plenty of sins left to atone for
but aware of the fact
that we're all just like that
it makes me feel much less alone
I'll never be truly forgotten
If one person misses my face
forever's a very long time to be gone
I made the most of my time in this place